Advance Lead & Case Assignment

100% Native Salesforce Package.Native means that your data never leaves Salesforce, your data remain in secure and reliable salesforce environment.

Step by Step Setup

  1. Click on "Queues" tab.
  2. Click "New" from Queues list .
  3. Select "Supported Object" for which you would like to setup queue assignment e.g Case.
  4. Select salesforce "Queue" for which you would like to enable rules .if you selected case as supported object then system will display only case salesforce queues and wise versa.
  5. Select "Assignment Type"
    • Round robin : System will assign based on assignment order you provided in "Load Queues" member list .
    • Load balancing :System will assign based on number of case/lead assigned to the member ,for example if 20 open cases assigned to Queue member A and 18 open cases assigned to Queue member B then system will keep assign new cases to B until both members have equal assigned open cases .
  6. Check "Active" to enable load assignment.
  7. Click "Save" .
  8. Advance assignment rule has been created successful.

Issues and Solutions

Please follow following steps to resolved the issue :
Modify assignment rules and new condition AND “Case: Case Taken EQUALS False”. For example:
Create new assignment rule “Case: Case Taken EQUALS True” and check “Do Not Reassign Owner” checkbox to prevent re –assignment . For example:

Professional edition Issue

Please follow following steps to resolve the issue :

  1. Login to salesforce.
  2. Navigate to Setup>Create>Objects.
  3. Select Member object.
  4. Click edit Member Layout Page Layout.
  5. Add All available fields in the page layout .
  6. Save.


it's a Free app however only allow users to setup advance assignment rules for 200 days . After the license expired all the setup rules will continue work as it's however not allow to Add or Edit Rules . We are offing Free email support to all our free users with SLA of 10 days .


App does not have limit in number of queues,You can assign advance rules to any number of queues which salesforce allows to create.

App will assign records to the queue and reps need to manually accept those records .

Yes, you can send your request to our support reps will assist you .